The Llewellyn Collection

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The Llewellyn Collection by Muniick
available at the main-store

New for the Happy Weekend sale is the Llewellyn Living Room Decor Bundle B. 
Included with this 5-piece set are the Llewellyn Hanging Ceiling Lamp, Llewelly Wool area rug, Llewellyn Tall House Plant in Iron Urn, Llewellyn Small House Plant in Ceramic Jug and Lellwellyn Books and Magnifying Glass. 

The Hanging Lamp comes with three chain lengths and the lamp shade has 5 color options. 
The books and magnifying glass includes a joined stack and individual items. 

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The Tightback Sofa, Armchairsand Ottoman have 3 color options. The pillows have 7 color optionss and the blanket has 11 color options. The Sofa and Armchairs are available in both Adult and PG versions.
The Coffee Table and Side Table have 5 color options. 
The Table Clock has 2 color options and has time zone settings!!
The Table Lamp Light can be turned on and off via touch. 

Both of the lovely flower paintings can be found at the Muniick Thrift shop!


Items pictured include:
Muniick - Llewellyn Tightback Sofa
Muniick- Llewellyn Tightback Armchair w/ Blanket
Muniick- Llewellyn Tightback Armchair
Muniick- Llewellyn Ottoman

Muniick- Llewellyn Vintage Hanging Lamp - Long Chain
Muniick- Llewellyn Vintage Table Lamp
Muniick - Llewellyn Vintage Table Clock - Black
Muniick- Llewellyn Vintage Silver Tea Set
Muniick- Llewellyn Vintage Tea Cup and Saucer
Muniick- Llewellyn Books and Magnifying Glass

Muniick- Llewellyn Coffee Table 
Muniick- Llewellyn Side Table
Muniick- Llewellyn Wool Rug

Muniick- Llewellyn Small House Plant in Ceramic Jug
Muniick- Llewellyn Tall House Plant in Iron Urn

Muniick White Peony in Ridgewood Frame
Muniick Pink Peony in Ridgewood Frame

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