I'll Be Waiting

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

I'll Be Waiting - Adele

The 3x1 Dress by United Colors is available in 12 colors.
The top, middle and bottom can all be toggled.
Available now at the main-store!
The Closed Temple is just one of three in the Sins & Miracles Backdrops by my Uncle Lichi.
Available currently at the Men & Women Jail Event.
⚜  ⚜  ⚜  ⚜
⚜ ⚜ CREDITS ⚜ ⚜ 
3x1 Dress by United Colors (available at the main-store!) 
Hair: Oasis by Truth (available at the main-store!) 
Shoes: Carolyn by Mosquito's Way (available at the main-store!) 
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body, Hands & Feet ⚜ LeLutka Nova Head

 ⚜ ⚜ Photography Information ⚜ ⚜
Closed Temple - Sins & Miracles Backdrops by The Bearded Guy
(currently available at the Men & Womens Jail Event)

Pose by Diversion
Photography by Rissa Bolissima


Mosquito's Way
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The Bearded Guy
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United Colors
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Men & Women's Jail Event
May 10-30, 2020
In-World ⚜ Flickr

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