F A S H I C O N - The February 2020 Styling Challenge

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photo by Rissa Bolissima
On February 9th we had the 7th ever FASHICON Competition Show, and the theme was Fifty Shades of Grey! FASHICON is a monthly challenge, which will determine who will be the FASHICON of the month, and eventually lead up to FASHICON of the year! Everyone is free to join as many or few as they want, and it's a clean slate each month.
photo by Moon Ling

A huge congrats to Ziekling Bunnyhug for being named FASHICON of the month, and to the runner ups Amethyst Cheveyo and Chris Bearz, all of whom are eligible to enter the FASHICON of the Year Challenge in 2020!  Oh and because Ziekling is already a finalist for FASHICON 2020 due to her win in previous challenges, Etoilerose moves up as a finalist by default for the FASHICON 2020 competition!!
photo by Moon Ling

A special thank you to Moon Ling for taking pictures during the show.

The March '20 challenge for the FASHICON 2020 competition is all about "Modern Art" and is scheduled to take place on March 8th, at 9:00 a.m. SLT

The FASHICON challenges are open for everyone to join, men and women, boys and girls and everyone in between.

The challenge description will get published in due time, here:
FASHICON Announcements

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Style Credits

Alicia Gown by Just Because (currently available at the Collabor88 Event)
Hair: Bloom by Truth
Jewelry: Lindsey Necklace by Avaway

The Alicia Gown is brand new by Just Because and available now at the Collabor88 Event!
The Leaves/Flowers/Pearls are HUD driven and the dress comes fitted for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Physique, and Hourglass.

Just Because
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In-World  Marketplace  Flickr  Facebook

February 8 - March 6
photo by Moon Ling

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