Baby Ghee,

Dollhouses and Kitties

Sunday, January 27, 2019 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

 Baby Rissa is wearing the super adorable ladybug inspired outfit that comes with dress, stripey tights, shoes and headband included - for Toddleedoo Baby & Kid and Badseed Bebe.
 Eveline's Dream is a Gacha of 12 items, 1 rare (dollhouse) and 11 ordinary (table stand and decor doll furniture). Each try is just 35 L,  Collect them all today!
Gacha key shown at the end of this post
The Love Me Baby  Blanket by Tm Creation is a cozy Blanket with pillows, laundry bag, cloth, flowers and cats!

Baby Rissa is wearing:
Buggy Outfit by Baby Ghee (at the Sense Event )
Toddleedo Body & Head

Photography Information:
Decor: Love Me Baby Blanket (and Decor) by Tm Creation (at the Sense Event )
Decor: Eveline's Dream by Elfico penso (at the Sense Event )
Pose: Model Girl by P.O.S.E.
Photography by Rissa Bolissima

Baby Ghee
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Elfico penso
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Tm Creation
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Sense Event
Runs 18th - 8th each month
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Sky Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic ambient 

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