Pumpkin Town

What is Pumpkin Town?

Saturday, October 22, 2016 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

Pumpkin Town is a Halloween themed village. Witches, skeletons, zombies, monsters of all kinds… and pumpkins ... are waiting for you! 🎃 A village which exist in SL since 7 years! 🎃 A village to visit, but also where you can go shopping and find freebies. Of course, everything will be in the Halloween theme... 🎃  But there are more! As with all our villages, we will organize concerts, show, storytelling, small contests, etc... 🎃 You can also have fun with our Skull Hunt, or watching a good old horror movie (all the movies that will be released are in the public domain) 🎃 Open from 1 October until 31 October, Pumpkin Town will be the place where you are sure to find something fun!  🎃  Oh yes! Another point: With Pumpkin Town you can also support the Feed a Smile groupe (the ONG “Live and learn in Kenya”). 🎃 Pumpkin Town Blog  🎃  Pumpkin Town Facebook Page
Venom, Wain and I had fun visiting Pumpkin Town! Here are a few pictures.. 
Be sure to find the boats. We had fun racing ours.. and the cave sure was spooky!!
 Here, Venom and I are "on the hunt" for the the elusive Skulls

Wain and Rissa take five for some yummy candy corn
 Venom and Rissa visit with the resident witch.. She never did tell us what her secret ingredient is!
The Invisible Man came for a visit! 

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