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Kymani Pretty Bird

Monday, August 05, 2019 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

The Kymani Bedroom Set includes high quality animations for singles and couples. The bed is available in 2 shades and 2 maturity levels. Also included are the Bull Head, Chair, Elephant Ear plant, Floor Baskets, Fur Rug, Hanging Lamps, Side Table, books and vase.
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"When you hang this little birdy pic on the wall you will enhance your decor and stand an look at it wondering why it looks so pretty in pink. However, there's more! Just because you look at the picture don't overlook the cute chest with accessories to add. Spruce up your nest with this wonderful birdy set."

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Birdy Set by Petit Chat (currently at the Boardwalk Event)
Kymani Bedroom Set by Generation X (currently at the Boardwalk Event)

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Generation X
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Petit Chat
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Boardwalk Event
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