Casa de Bebe,

The Turtle Cay Collection

Thursday, July 12, 2018 Rissa Bolissima 1 Comments

Swank is celebrating Tropical Island Heat this month, and there are so many fun new items,
you will want to be sure to stop by and shop!
With the Turtle Cay Collection by Casa de Bebe, you can decorate your beach home in style!
Everything you see here is included (not the house, sorry!)
The Hammock Chairs both have sits for singles and couples,
and the textures can be change by just a simple click of the chair!
The Lounger is for singles..and is perfect for that warm Summer afternoon nap!

Turtle Cay Decor - Casa de Bebe (currently at the Swank Event)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima

Casa de Bebe

Begins on the 7th every Month
Theme for July: Tropical Island Heat

⚜ ⚜ ⚜
Sky Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic ambient
Water Windlight: Jay BattleScars * Special Water - Animal - 100% reflection

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  1. Thank you again, Rissa - I love these photographs! - I am so happy!!