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The Studio Lights

Sunday, July 15, 2018 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

Here we have Salacity's Studio Lights photographic lighting set.
This is a really cool set of photo studio lights! They are active projectors, each set up to be exactly like its RL analog. They come in small sets, as well as fatpacks. 
"Working Studio lighting, designed to emulate the RL equivalent"
Great for supplemental lighting or studio setup in SL!

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Pose Fair (July 2018 Round)
July 1-31, 2018
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Other helpful hints are.. 

 - These are working lights, that generate in-world/atmospheric light. They also look realistic, and "light up" for those who have atmospheric lighting off.

 - To operate the lights, touch/left-click on the unit anywhere. A menu should appear with two types of settings: Light Power and Color. There are multiple options under each.

 - The lights are scripted so that they function independently of one another. This means you can have multiple different lights, or many of the same type, and each can have a different setting for power and color from the others.

 - This item is mesh, so requires a mesh-enabled viewer.

 - If you change the size of the item, it may have an effect on the land impact of your item.

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