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Monday, June 25, 2018 Rissa Bolissima 1 Comments

Auntie Venom and Baby Rissa had a tea party!! Here I am about to pour the tea. She is sooo tall I had to stand on a chair to reach her cup! For our special tea party, I am wearing a pretty princess by Baby Ghee!
Can you guess which princess I am?
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The Princess Dress Collection is new by Baby Ghee. There are four in the collection, Ashy, Sleepy, Snowy and Bellisima). The hair band and shoes are included! This collection will fit Toddleedoo Baby (fitted) and Bad Seed Bebe.
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The Victorian Bandstand by ChiMia made the perfect setting for our tea party.
Additional pictures of the Bandstand are at the end of this post..
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The Spring Gala Table & Chairs set is by Refuge. Included are the Table, Chairs and Flags & Lights. There are 5 colors to choose from, and the chairs have 13 sitting animations!
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The Tea Party Pose and Prop includes the poses for both child and adult, as well as the teacup, tea pot and chair!
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Baby Rissa is wearing:
Princess Ashy Dress - Baby Ghee (currently at The Cove)
Toddleedo Body & Head

Auntie Venom is wearing:
White Serene Lace Dress - Petite Mort
Montana Hair - Truth
Koralee Heels - Reign

Decor includes:
Victorian Bandstand - ChiMia
Spring Gala Table & Chair Set - Refuge
Garden Trees - Happy Mood
Lush Grass Field - We're Closed

Photography Information:
Tea Party Pose & Props - p.o.s.e.  (currently at The Cove)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
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Baby Ghee
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Refuge Decor
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The Cove
June 17 - July 15, 2018

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Sky Windlight: Annan Adored Realistic ambient
Water Windlight: Jay BattleScars * Special Water  - Animal - 100% reflection

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  1. Gorgeous place, I just went here with someone. The venue NYC itself was beautiful and spacious, the seats were comfortable and wide. From where I was sitting at least, the views were great. I think the music really did a great job of filling up the space.