Starting the Nursery

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

Kenshin and I are now 13 weeks expecting for our baby Girl, so I spent part of today getting a start on the room for our future princess. The Bunny and Love Sweet Wall Art are new by ChiMia, as well as the Jones Curtains. The Curtains come with a hud, with six texture options, and they are modify, so you can resize to fit your windows.  See the pretty Cloud with dangly lights? I think it is super cool, and it is a new item by Refuge! The Whimsy Lighting is available in three pastel colors.

ChiMia:: Bunny Wall Art
ChiMia:: Love Sweet Wall Art
ChiMia:: Jones Curtains
Refuge - Whimsy Lighting Dawn
ANE SLON SET - Elephant  (color change) RARE
*MishMish* An Elephant - Rose
~AB~ Rocking Horse
~AB~ Baby Teddy ~ Brown
DRD - Baby Rug - Light
DRD - Parent and Child Chair - Light

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