Let There Be Man!!

Monday, December 04, 2017 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

Today, Venom and I decided to move forward with an idea we both had been going back and forth on... creating a male avie! First we went and got demos from both Belleza and Signature, and of course the new mesh head for men by LeLutka! After trying both bodies, we decided that the Belleza Jake looked more realistic, and the hud was super easy to work with too! We each created our own shape too! That was a bit tricky, as neither of us have ever really worked much on the sliders for the male body. After a few adjustments, we were happy with the body and head. But realized we need something to wear shopping! We found these cute Christmas boxers on the marketplace for 1 linden

We were all set, so off we went to make our purchases!!  While at the LeLutka store, a friend sent me a really cute hat she got from a Gacha! Of course I had to try it on right away!!  (Thanks Daisy!)

Of course we had to get clothes to wear too! So we stopped by a few clothing stores for men, and were sad to see that clothes for the male belleza are not quite as available as they are for the Maitreya Lara! But that is okay! The clothes we did find were pretty awesome!! Giz Seorn has really cool group gifts for both men and women. Here I am wearing one of the ones for men.
Anyway an official blog post will come soon. Thats all for now!  ♥

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