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Penny for Your Thoughts...

Monday, January 30, 2017 Rissa Bolissima 0 Comments

Wicca's Wardrobe is a part of the Kinky Event...of course! Penny is a top/skirt combo that can be worn together or on their own with other items in that massive inventory of yours! Penny is easy as she fits pretty much everyone! Penny loves Lara, the Belleza triplets, the SLink twins, TMP, Tonic, and good old classic SL avatars! So what's not to love about Penny? Nothing! She is sexy, fun, comes in 5 different colors, and plays well with others...aka winningly kinky!
⚜ ⚜ 
Penny Outfit - Wicca's Wardrobe (currently at the Kinky Event)
Miya Hair - Ayashi (currently at the Kinky Event)
the secret kink mask - Tabou (currently at the Kinky Event)
Valentina stockings - erratic
Marine Heels - Phedora  (currently at the Kinky Event)
Shades of Red Nails - Dark Passions-Koffin Nails
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body  LeLutka Head
Houseplants by Artisan Fantasy
Divan by Purple Poses (currently at the Kinky Event)
Anish Pose by Purple Poses (currently at the Kinky Event)
Scene & Photography by Rissa Bolissima

Wicca's Wardrobe
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Kinky Event
January 28 - February 19, 2017

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