Au louvre

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A visit to the Louvre and its collections lets visitors discover Western art from the Middle Ages to 1848, as well as a large number of ancient civilizations. Yet it also offers another history to explore. The grand palace that houses the museum, which dates back to the late twelfth century, is a true lesson in architecture: from 1200 to 2011, the most innovative architects have in turn built and developed the Louvre. Long the seat of power, this royal residence was also home to French heads of state until 1870 and is one of the major backdrops to the history of Paris and of France.
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Champs Elysees Sweater & Jeans - Entice (currently at Tres Chic)
Clichy Heels - Amacci (currently at Tres Chic)
Lynette Hair (and hat) - enVOGUE
Louvre Backdrop - SEUL (currently at Epiphany)
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
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Tres Chic
January 17 - February 5

January 16 - February 15

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