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More treats are awaiting your arrival at the Supernatural Round of the Premium Only Event! Featured here are just three of  the many treasures available... The Amisi Armor by Nightmare is created for ebody, Maitreya and Slink Mesh Bodies. Choose from five leathers or metals on the hud provided!  The Regina Headpiece is by Lyrical B!zarre. The Occult Necklace from Rebellion is original mesh and comes with a HUD to change the skull, cord, and beads color, plus a resizer! Just three more days until the Grand Opening! 
Amisi Armor - Nightmare (at the Premium only event)
Occult Necklace - Rebellion (at the Premium only event)
Regina Headpiece - Lyrical B!zarre (at the Premium only event)
Mykonos  Panties - Blueberry
Arwen Hair - Truth
Triskaidekaphobia Nails by DP-Koffin Nails (Currently at The Nightmare)
Maitreya Lara Mesh Body *  LeLutka Head
Picture taken at the "Halloween Dome" on our Private Sim ;)
Photography by Venom Zanzibar (edited slightly by Rissa)

Lyrical B!zarre
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Dark Passions - Koffin Nails
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Premium Only Event
October 12 - November 2, 2016
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*Note: Venom was watching me set up for the picture.. and had what we refer to as a "Koda moment" and she felt really inspired and asked if she could take the picture for me!  

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