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This gorgeous jewelry set by Moondance Boutique includes the necklace, 2 bracelets, 2 rings, and  earrings. Each piece of jewelry can be resized, and has 6 metal colors and 20 gemstones, via popup menu, enabling you to mix and match colors and styles to give you a unique and beautiful look!
Kathryn Jewelry Set - Moondance Boutique
Karee Hair - elikatira
Northern Light Gown - Luxe Paris
Photography by Rissa Bolissima
Moondance Boutique
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Fire & Ice Charity Fundraiser 
October 22, 2016 @ 10am
All proceeds will go to fund HIV research.

** The MISS SL Organization is organizing the ICE AND FIRE event in Second Life (SL), benefiting the AIDS-HILFE Essen e.V. The event begins on October 22 with a gala evening with fashion shows by the models of MISS SL Agency, live music and dance. The shown exclusive designs get later sold in an hunt, which will last for one week, and the proceeds go entirely to the AIDS-Hilfe Essen. e.V.
The event is initiated by Marcus Wisser (Marcus Lefevre in SL), founder and owner of the MISS SL Organization, who has organized successfully HIV Benefit events in the years before already, which have benefit the AIDS-Hilfe Essen. e.V. too.
The goal of the ICE AND FIRE event is to raise awareness about the risk of HIV Infections and the importance of the work of the AIDS-Hilfe.
The ICE AND FIRE event begins on October 22 but will last until November 22, finishing after the Grand Finale of the MR SL 2017 pageant. All informations for the event will be posted on the website of the MISS SL Organization and can be found with the #iceandfire2016 hashtag on the social networks.

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